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Project Details

"Franziskas Welt"
German Television Feature, ZDF

Director: Bruno Grass
Production: Ziegler Film Berlin
88 minutes
Shot on ARRI Alexa

Christine Neubauer, Michaela May, Peter Prager, Tilo Prückner, Marie Gruber, Tatja Seibt, Rene Ifrah, Dirk Borchardt.

Pastor Franziska Kemper’s new boyfriend tells her she is spending too much time with her congregation and that they do not see enough of each other. This is not the first time she hears this accusation: her ex-husband has left her for the exact same reason. While she is trying to figure out how to combine the love for her profession with the love for her boyfriend another difficult situation emerges. She has been called to a nursing home where a patient has fallen in love with another patient and now they want to get married. The problem is that the patient suffers from the Alzheimer 's disease and doesn’t remember he is already married. When the patient’s wife asks her for advice, Franziska realizes she has to ask herself some urgent questions: about her relationships, her job, her entire life.

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