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Project Details

"Tante Inge haut ab"
German Television Feature, ZDF

Director: Mark v. Seydlitz
Production: Made in Munich Movies
88 min.
Shot on 16mm

Gaby Dohm, Peter Sattmann,, Lambert Hamel, Julia Stinshoff, Oliver Bootz, Angelika Thomas, Leslie Malton.

Inge is bored and terrified by the prospect of continuing the life she and her husband have been living for decades. When she unexpectedly inherits a huge house on the island of Sylt from an old school friend she decides to give her life a new direction. She finally has a plan. One morning she simply leaves her husband without notice. Inge is set on designing a new future for herself – one that involves renovating the inherited house. She doesn’t know how much confusion and trouble her sudden disappearance has caused. When a sly lawyer attempts to steal the house from her, she realizes that only with the help of family and friends she will be able to bring this to a good ending.

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