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Project Details

German Television Feature, ZDF

Director: Mark v. Seydlitz
Production: Made in Munich Movies
88 min.
Shot on ARRI Alexa

Lambert Hamel, Julia Stinshoff, Gundi Ellert, Julia-Maria Köhler, Eva Habermann, Markus Majowski, Patrik Fichte, Peter Franke.

On Christine's 39th birthday her husband of ten years, Bernd, reveals he is no longer in love with her. She instantly moves out of their house and back with her parents. Her father Heinz has little understanding for her situation and considers it just a temporary crisis. Living in her old childhood room makes Christine miserable. On top of that, she discovers that her best friend has been having an affair with Bernd for years. When her friend Doro suggests she moves in with her and her roommate Dennis, Christine gratefully accepts. Dennis introduces Christine to his colleague Richard. While the two start falling in love, Christine’s husband decides to win her back. Christine has to make a decision.

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