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Project Details

"Bei Hitze ist einem wenigstens nicht kalt"
German Television Feature, ZDF

Director: Mark v. Seydlitz
Production: Made in Munich Movies
Shot on 16mm

Christine Neubauer, Birgit Schade, Gesine Cukrowski, Markus Knüfken, Eckhard Preuß, Norman Kalle.

Doris is going through a difficult phase: she has just entered her menopause years, her only child has moved out, and she is spending long, meaningless days in her beautiful villa while her husband is at work. When she finds out that her husband plans a “surprise” party for her 50th birthday, she decides she has had enough. She persuades her two best friends to join her for the birthday weekend at a posh wellness retreat. Not only she doesn’t tell her husband nor anyone else about her plans, she secretly hires a personal coach to help her and her two friends to find a new meaning in life.
But nothing goes as planned for Doris. Her marriage and her friendships are put to the test.

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